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Amazing breakingviews.com TV! THE WEEKLY VIEW of the MELTDOWN.

If you don’t know (sure? you saw their logo so many times … le monde, el pais, la repubblica, wsj) and use them yet, you are pretty bad in economics, wasting your time, missing an opportunity of knowing more in much less time.

World business, agenda setting news, perfect English (0K for language learning), highly professional synthesis (by far world no. 1 on this), top economic journalism, getting to the point: available as a podcast and downloadable from iTunes. Here are The Weekly View last videos, 8′ each or less. Simon Nixon’s news and interviews. Weekly round-up



Dec. 5: LUXURY GOODS – not so recession proof

Dec.2: BOSS AUTOMAKERS – Congressional hearings, just PRs

Oct. 10 – GM – Why dismissing a Ch. 11 option? Unpalatable but …


here is a full series sample, Jan. to Apr. 2008, the Bear Sterns season of the  subcrime crisis:


bvTV: The subprime crisis minted hedge fund billionaires. It didn’t discriminate between winners and losers, Lauren Silva explains.

Apr.10, Google & News Corp. B.views justintime! This is actually either a Guinness or a Miracle: An update on Google-Microsoft armageddon, in the Yahoo battlefield in just 53″ !!! LESS THAN 1 MINUTE. AS THEY SAY, they are short and thoughtful at the same time

No Competition authority might approve a 90% ad-market share in the hands of Google

2008-to-date weekly B.views

are accessible and updated also here, as well from their original site and from iTunes.

o8\o4\11 The Weekly View, Apr. 11

The US and UK housing markets – how much worse will things get? Alan Greenspan – genius or villain?

1) Ed Hadas; good and bad news from housing markets; as for the latter, another -15% in house prices.

2) Alan Greenspan’s self defense? No, thanks! He, alone, was 30% responsible of this disaster.

NOTE. This, according to Roubini’s Feb. estimates, confirmed this week by the IMF, amounts to a world economic loss due to Greenspan equal to €300bn. Let’s submit the bill to Alan. And then deliver him to where he belongs. The last free market ideologue is definitely out of history: à la poubelle, à la poubelle. After he’ll have paid back the $283.5bn he owe us, his share of the total  social loss in the subprime crunch. The latter has been estimated 2 days ago by IMF, who has surprisingly converged on last Februaury’s Roudini evaluation (I mean, IMF telling the truth is such a surprise: they must be scared), and adopted an unusual catastrophic language. Even at IMF, they read too much of Roudini! But this make Alan’s bill twice higher than before, since 30% of $945bn makes $283.5bn.


A very peculiar market week. This post-free market 2nd week’s PARADOX is: Why are UBS, together with the other leading banks, writing down and in trouble, and at the same time rocketing, leading a stockmarket rally? Edward Hadas, breakingviews.com, argues Fed’s aggressive operations have convinced the markets a “systemic meltdown” (Roudini) will be avoided by massive and timely State interventionism. (NOTE. Coherence, intellectual rigeur are required, exp. in harsh times: Vulgar marginalist economics and its free-market rubbish à la poubelle: Everyone, left and right, economist and entrereneur: back to Politial Economy à la Smith and Ricardo, Marx and Keynes) But the credit crunch is not over. UBS in the headlines. Berlusconi’s Alitalia to bancrupcy.

short stories – April 3: Bear testimony

short stories – April 2: short sellers

o8\o3\28 THE WEEK AFTER.

1st week after the end of free market capitalism (M. Wolf, FT, March 25).

Dawn of a new century and epoch, for the global economy and its regional civil societies.


Bear Stearns week

One of the most remarkable weeks in contemporary economic history. Listen to the realtime narration by breakingviews.com, and storage this piece of history


Credit crunch and management – Hugo Dixon, breakingviews.co: “people managing risk don’t know any more what they are managing”


Credit crunch on the verge of a catastrophe


Falling US dollar: under € 2/3. Regulating bankers’ pay? A scandal


How did UK Govt. handle (5 months later) Northern Rock nationalisation? No cost-free exercise. Hugo Nixon (breakingviews) accuses: In Autumn Gordon Brown was considering whether calling a new general election, and did not want a nationalisation under an electoral campaign.


London’s City is not a fiscal haven. Monolines and the financial meltdown.


Rio Tinto hostile takeover move by Chinalco. Microsoft bid for Yahoo. Rob Cox, breakingviews: “An act of desperation by Microsoft. Integration will be problematic”

o8\o2\o1 € 5bn losses at Société Generale

o8\o1\25 wider credit spreads, share buybacks down, inflation hits profits

o8\o1\18 2008: we are entering the first year of a long recession

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, indeed: behind the news, in spreadsheets, B.views precious CALCULATORS

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