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In the picture from the video, Paris Hilton is answering to Mc Cain’s ads, labelling her, Britney Spears and Barack Obama as “celebrities”. This video is not just funny and hilarious. It reveals an unexpected Paris, conquering a new public in the Left! James taranto (wsj) suggests she might challenge Hillary in 2016. She’s too young now.

We can do limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars. That way, the offshore drilling carries us until the new technologies kick in, which will then create new jobs and energy independence. Energy crisis solved. I’ll see you at the debates, bitches.

If you don’t believe this is what she says, see: Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on Looking at this video, economist  Brad DeLong asks:

Why is it that Paris Hilton is able to speak more substantively on the issue of energy than John McCain? There is much more substantive energy policy in this than in McCain’s ad.

Paris Hilton is ready to lead on energy policy. Why isn’t John McCain?

More videos on McCain:


Obama accepts the challenge, and plays the key race game.

We all knew there were two taboo at stake in the Democratic primaries and the US  Presidential campaign: gender (Hillary) and race (Barack). The real nodes come afore now. It is the moment of truth. Barack Obama just finished a major speech on race in America and building a more perfect union: the one we were waiting for, after the media campaign challenging him to a new step. Here’s the video and full text (diffused on Obama’s mailing list 2 hours ago, 9:47 pm GMT, March 18):

Barack Obama in Philadelphia

New York Times

Obama Chooses Reconciliation Over Rancor

In a speech that was frank but also hopeful and patriotic, Barack Obama confronted race head-on, then reached beyond it. 

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Mc Cain (71) competing with Castro (81) to meet Marx the 1st

Paul Krugman was lamenting a few weeks ago, that Arizona sen. John Mc Cain was treated like a Saint by the media: meanwhile, some other NYT people were doing their job, working at the de-sanctification. After having turned his presumed love affair with a lobbyist in his favour at least in the short period, coagulated the GOP (the enemy of my enemy..) and collected more money, the heavily lobbyists– backed (1) warrior shows off in an Indiana speech.
He wishes Fidel Castro the opportunity to meet Karl Marx soon. That was a way (in his non-sublime intellect and propaganda), to say Cuba won’t change with compañero Fidel alive (a disputable CONJECTURE on that totalitarian régime).
Pay attention, old warrior: YOU TOO will meet sooner or later Karl Marx, the social scientist in person. He’ll be tougher than Viet comrades! Let’s imagine a tragicomic scena Dantesca: two barbudo diablos torturing private John.


(1) WashPost 2008/o2/02 updates NYT’s hypothesis: “lobbyists are essentially running his presidential campaign” and a record 59 lobbyists are raising money for him.

Mark Shields on PBS with David Brooks, 2008/02/22:

John McCain’s claim, his most convincing claim as an agent of change, is that he has been this foe of money and lobbyists and entrenched power and influence in Washington. And today’s story in the Washington Post following up on that showed that lobbyists were not only continuing in their lobbying positions on payrolls, in many cases, in running John McCain’s campaign on a shoe string, but also leading bundlers in raising money. He had three times as many lobbyists bundling donations for him as Hillary Clinton did.

Zachary Coile “Mc Cain dodges bullet, faces fiscal bombshell”, S. Francisco Chronicle, 2008/02/23:

Mc Cain on Friday found himself defending his hiring of several lobbyists for his top campaign staff, including campaign manager Rick Davis, a former lobbyist who represented telecommunications firms, and senior adviser Charlie Black, whose lobbying firm has represented drug companies, automakers, oil companies and defense contractors, among others.

“These people have honorable records, and they’re honorable people, and I’m proud to have them as part of my team,” McCain said Friday.

Ironically, the last time this charge was levied against McCain was in the 2000 campaign, when then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush portrayed McCain as hypocritical for leading the fight for campaign finance reform while raising money from lobbyists with interests before the Senate Commerce Committee, which he chaired.

Last time, not first: 9 years before the Senate Ethics Commission labelled “questionable conduct” John Mc Cain getting money from cracked up Lincoln Savings, during the late 1980s Saving and Loan crisis, induced by Reaganite credit deregulation (very often cited for a deregulation “cause-effect”, basically similar to the ongoing subprime crisis). Always unlucky John! Not a good credit as a New Deal President …
For “New Deal” and “Subprime”: search the Political Economy category of this blog.

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