David Cass has died

david cass

Let me just remember a couple of things in his innovative,  outstanding and always thought-provoking intellectual legacy:

– extrinsic uncertainty, with Karl Shell (1983): DO SUNSPOTS MATTER?

– “His year devoted to the search for a necessary and sufficient condition for efficiency in the neoclassical growth model led to the remarkable condition that the sum of the inverses of the present prices of capital over the infinite future should be finite” (from the quoted Am. Ec. Ass. pdf).

Please look at:



Michele Boldrin: Shine on you, Crazy David

best introduction to Dave is perhaps this 1998, 26 pages interview with Spear and Wright, a nice piece of autobiography and contemporary history of economic sciences:


It starts with his oral interview with Ken Arrow … ! Real fun.

Not only his friends will miss David Cass.