photo of the crying year



Liang Kexin, 7, who lost her left leg during the earthquake, plays with toy bricks in a ward at the Xiehe Hospital. More than ten thousand injured people were moved to eighteen provinces by train and air, according to the Ministry of Health.

Photo: © by Qiu Yan, photographer. Photo Director of the Changjiang Daily.

Born in Hubei Province in China and still living there, World Press Photo winner Qiu Yan is 46 and used a Canon 1D Mark II for his images.  “Most of the photographs were taken there about a week after the earthquake had happened,” on the 12th of May  in  China’s Sichuan Province.

The December issue of “Enter”, a publication of the World Press Photo Educ. Dept,  has chosen this set of photo for one in a group of 4 galleries, where also one notes, for their bio-social meaning, the coloured takes in Capetown refugee camps,  by  Eren Aytug who went there from Turkey. Enter’s cover has another earthquake photo.