Italian banks in sofferenza

Mr Profumo of arrogance is more and more under attack – and here’s why. His performance is awful:

a) he survived the East Europe catastrophe CERTAINLY not for his merit but only because of  undeserved EXTERNALITIES: the enormous collective, international effort in favour of the EE transitional economies – mainly due to IMF, versus the EU apathy and Angela Merkel’s suicide policy;

b) perspectives are no good at all; a huge power conflict (not just the usual one with Fondazioni: e.g., today’s suggests that even the Lybian Vice-President is getting nervous) is on, against his usual, monocratic UniCredit restructuring model; which just IGNORES WH’APPENED  IN ONE OF THE MOST ACUTE CRISES  in the history of Capitalisms. It only cares about power centralization and growth WITHOUT profits. Fordism from the past Millennium…

IN SUM, “Alex Hyperego Perfume of Arrogance”  is so Superman’s Hyper-Ego that he’s dull; he just doesn’t perceive the deeply changing environment.

In synthesis:

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