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Here’s a letter to Michella Obama. monte-chiaro_bio_090211 >>> MORE ON THE LETTER ISSUE:


to  MICHELLE OBAMA <info@barackobama.com>
date    12 February 2009 04:57
subject    Re: Your call to service (2009/1/12)

Dear Michelle,
I might have found something important, a hidden Italian contribution (in the 1940s, when so many Europeans had to escape to NY) to the birth, growth and emergence of a liberal culture, that is now fully deploying, for the first time ever, in your beloved husband as a President; that we feel as Our President in Italy as well, as everywhere in this cosmopolitan world (and this is another first time in History, I must say). I am about to post this idea, and this is an excerpt from the English Abstract of my post. It will appear on all 3 my blogs which are named below, with my signature. When my hypothesis will be a bit more robust, I might send an op-ed to the NYT on the subject, eventually.

the Secret Magister of the Novecento
the hidden roots in Lucania (Italy) of Obama’s way of thinking

NICOLA “NICK” CHIAROMONTE (1903 – 1972). Born in Rapolla, Lucania, Italia. He died in Rome.
A unique figure of a coherent,  self made and – hiddenly, behind the scenes – highly influential anti-totalitarian intellectual, with many curiosities in philosophy, a pioneering critique of Historicism and a great passion for theatre (where he believed Brecht was by far overvalued).
A pioneer of lib-socialism (although he early split in 1935, in Paris from the Rosselli brothers GL, Justice and Liberty group, for not paying lipservice to Italian nationalism and Risorgimento),  in the company of Arendt, Camus, Orwell and Weil. He fought in Spain with André Malraux’s aviation team: a real legend.
When in New York (Summer 1941-47), he played a  widely recognised Magister role in the liberal, anti-stalinist intelligentsia of the Partisan Review and Macdonald’s Politics, although he had to fight hard against a well alive marxism, yet. He was the best friend of Mary McCarthy (…).

A Maestro of the Novecento, he  found  his own Maestri in Andrea Caffi, Gaetano Salvemini and someone younger than him: Simone Weil. While he despised Gramsci as a cattivo maestro of generations.
We argue here that the hybridation of seminal European and American New Lefts, that happened in New York under his Invisible Direction in the 1940s, was a decisive, necessary and irreversible step toward the (path dependent) emergence of contemporary Liberalism in the East Coast, that has now expressed its most mature figure in President Obama.
The man with the energy and innovation, as  not only to stop the Reagan-Clinton decadence, but to establish a Liberal cultural and political “hegemony” (NOT in the awful, collectivist and retro Gramsci sense!), without antecedents in US history. It is impossible to understand where all this comes from, unless you dig deep, and also in the legacy of a man who literally came from the Nothing:  il “cafone lucano”. Point is: of the  two Nothings (Emanuele Severino), he was just coming from the Future (on a Time Machine). Thanks, Nick!
It is time to make Justice triumph. Time is ripe for the world, from Mumbai to LA to  know whom we have also to reward for the ongoing change.

The truth about such a despised and forgotten man, whose imagination, fed by Simone’s fertile one, created an Impossible Thought Experiment  – a libertarian socialism freed by Marxism – that we can now translate into a Real Experiment.

I follow every day the political battle in the US, and I am deeply engaged in doing the same in Italy. We can’t  believe yet all this is true, and all our destinies changed 180° in less than one year!
Thank you from the deep of my heart.
enzo fabio

Se vince il Nero (incrociamo le dita)

obamacerealElection flavour … choose from Obama O’s or Cap ‘N MaCain’s cereal. Photograph: Airbed&Breakfast




4 novembre pomeriggio


See realtime updates of battleground states here.

Obama is ahead in swing states Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico.

John McCain leads in Georgia, Indiana, Montana and North Dakota.

Missouri has teetered red and blue in recent days, but … is tilting to Obama.

Aspettando di verificare stanotte se intrade.com c’azzecca (e chi si fida dei sondaggi ?), dando “il Nero” (come lo chiama simpaticamente Gramellini oggi su La Stampa) vincente al 92%, e travolgente con 364 voti contro 174.


RIflettiamo sulla lezione Obamica ed americana di UNITA’ DELLA SINISTRA, e convergenza degli OPPRESSI con i ceti medi liberal e progressisti. La nostra ferma convinzione  e’ che il terreno delle lotte di classe (svariate, e durissime dentro le borghesie) ed altre lotte (geo-politiche) dentro la CRISI SUBCRIME, detti delle direttive per la ricostruzione delle SINISTRE, sia riformiste che rivoluzionarie, nei paesi occidentali.

Ossia. non e’ una alleanza meramente tattica quella americana, solo per uscire dall’incubo di Bush. Mentre il centro-sinistra italiano ha sempre errato nel cercare convergenze tattiche anti-Berlusconi, finendo in quella clamorosa cazzata e disastro pro-Cavaliere dell’ultimo Governo Prodi. E non e’ finita:  Walter-Ego che corre dietro a quella nullità di Di Pietro, addirittura un referendum sulle fondazioni ed i grembiulini ?!? Ma anche Massimo d’Alema, quando parla di ricostruire le alleanze del PD, pare guardare più al centro ex-DC, pure se non trascura la sinistra rivoluzionaria in crisi d’identità.

Strategicamente, come lo Tsunami subcrime ha incoronato il Nero, così le politiche sociali anti-crisi e nella crisi sono il campo soggettivo ed oggettivo di ricostruzione delle sinistre, la scuola va benissimo MA NON BASTA. Riportiamo qui, a titolo di esempio, un brano del nostro lungo .pdf di analisi economica della crisi, nella versione aggiornata che uscirà a giorni (aspettavamo le elezioni per ridurre l’incertezza).

The policies guidelines we support and describe here are, in synthesis:

1. we support a SOCIALIST redistribution of wealth (the j’accuse of McCain to Obama), i.e. not just a (necessary, but insufficient) Keynesan fiscal redistribution (see point 3), but much more: changing à la Marx the value creation\ appropriation mechanisms of Financial Capitalism, fighting back the expropriation of value creators.

2. Under BRIC-Chindian- emerging countries increasing competition, OECD countries should react by refocussing technological innovation versus Finance. But:

       2\A. SCENARIO A.  This would be possible only after a “redde rationem” within their dominating classes and a defeat of Pure Rentiers –  which is just unrealistic. Therefore, OECD countries will likely slide into decline during this severe recession  (e.g., see the proposal of US innovation policy by Henry and Manzi 2008). The Schumpeterian innovative effects of the recession will be reaped mainly in Asia. 

       2\B. scenario B. A power reallocation in OECD bourgeoisies and their States, with Finance and Rentiers not fully defeated but downsized (in principle, Wall Street bailout allows for this). In such a case, OECD countries re-specialise in those services and niche manufacturing where they have core competences, and delay their decline – although they cannot reverse it, until they are dominated by Rentiers. This is a key area of neo-Gramscian alliances of the exploited, with middle class Obamian progressive sectors.

3. In the reported Naomi Klein’s view, the Paulson Plan is an act of theft, in order to weaken the US Federal budget for the next 8 years. Therefore,  the resources for  mainstream (again, after the end of the Friedman\Reagan era in the subcrime Tsunami) post-Keynesian policies of crisis management – coordinated internationally. 

4. Of course a Bretton Woods-3 would be optimal, but no one has the power to fix the new rules: therefore the post-global economy will stick now to Bretton Woods-2 disequilibria and their dynamics. Essentially, Asian savings will no more flow towards US investments automatically on the US bonds market, but more and more with FDI and market operations by SWF. The Bretton Woods-2 alliance between US finance rentiers and Chindian industrial capital is beginning to break up. 

Wallerstein’s (2008) FAQ on the political arena of the next decades. 

Which bio-political form will take the subject that will redistribute à la Robin Hood, in order to sourt out of this STRUCTURAL DEFLATION? Populism, centre-left or far right?

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