Sandra 4 Miss Universe Canada


this is the new twitters tag that admiring sobeauty & sosmart Sandra  inspired 2 me: I’ve already thrown Sandra’s tag, as a bottle message  into the  social ocean.

SOCIAL OCEANS OF BEAUTY, behind these brown eyes…

Who can resist, or just stand this eye2eye coup de foudre? I kan’t.

Sincerely, we all kan’t leave such an International Affair only to our friends of Serbian communities … It’s  Kantian by nature –  a universalist issue. We kan’t.

Vote Sandra 4 times / day / IP address @

MAY the 1st, Labour day letter 2 friends (fb, gmail)

As #retwolution – a new born libertarian, democratic, bottom-up retwolutionary movement using fb, social media and twitter as boomerangs, i.e. peacemaking weapons against Oppression –
WE CHOSE Sandra’s campaign as our 1st target.
We are mobilising all our Italian and young Serbian people networks, to bring our little river to the Social Ocean of Sandra’s success. YES, WE … !

– enzo AT deeprecession: [linking this page],
– sandra:, and her interview on
– ian gillespie AT London Free Press

UWO graduate targets Miss Universe Canada title

“Kirilovic says a Miss Universe Canada crown would primarily give her a platform to spread her enthusiasm for environmental sustainability.” (The paper is really alive, and nice in putting things in a proper post-feminist  Millennial generation context)

The worldwide #retwolution newborn movement has detected a big whole in the “Societé du spectacle” Oppressive System: we kan actually elect Sandra Kirilovic MISS Universe Canada!!!
She’s a beauty, green and smart: we join our Serbian friends in her support. A Psychology research assistant at U. Western Ontario, she will now start a Ph.D. in Evironment Studies either at UWO or York. Her final target (requiring further studies in Law as well) would B 2 become an environmental lawyer.
As she told us in her last message: so throw those preconceived notions aside, this girl’s got a greater purpose in being Miss Universe Canada 😉

WE TRUST SANDRA!!! Web3.0, and the #retwolution turning society upside down IT NECESSARILY ENTAILS, are primarily Networks of TRUST. Trust us, viraldiffuse this cause 2 friends. Make vote Sandra 4 times /day / IP address: the deadline is March 14 AT midday!!!
P.S: With some suppliers, yoy change IP address every time you disconnect, reconnect!!! eheh

FB group (16,443 members): SERBIAN girls are GORGEOUS – they actually are!

Sandra issue; she’s really a beauty and smart: read her presentation on the official site (, and u’ll B likely irrationally seduced and rationally convinced (on the 2 sides of the brain or, metaphorically, mind and heart) as I’ve been.

A psychologist and research assistant at the local University, Sandra has a dream: to study again and, this time Environment & Law for the sake of becoming a Green Lawyer,  a competent green activist.

She concludes today’s mail to us, her FB friends, with:

PS> I was accepted into a Masters of Environmental Studies program at both York and UWO & got the position of spokeswoman for the Eating Disorder Foundation of Canada- so throw those preconceived notions aside, this girl’s got a greater purpose in being Miss Universe Canada 😉

On FB, Sandra adds: You can read an article about me that was published in the London Free Press:

“Sandra’s smile is a curve that sets everything straight”

#GreenViralMarketing #sobeauty&sosmart

Underlying  GENERAL issue:

There is (already at work, although in its early, conventions and standards- setting  phase) a complex dyamics law of co-evolution of the 2 sea levels, the Social and the Natural one.

This campaign is quite personalised, Sandra-focussing, environmentalist, independent and standalone; (ma anche) but also semantically & virally associated to the just emerging web2.0 social movement:


“Either RETWO is #viralpervasive, or it aborts”.

Sandra’s  motto (quoted from Miss Canada site) “There is nothing I cannot do in this world”, that motivated her 2  undertake an environment career-oriented conspicuous curriculum (moving next, from psychology 2 law studies), puts her at the centre of the new  post-edonic ethics (a key component of hyper-modernity, according to the Zeitgeist literature, namely Lipovevski).

She’s not alone: e.g.,  @Iconic88 self-def., and already daily acting, “actwitting” as CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) is a natural hub, a leader of RETWO. Exemplifying the linguistic notion  “a word is an act; the speech-act”. An actwitt tells the whole story: 140 characters can

– emotion souls and,

– in clusters,  rebuild houses;

– in clusters of clusters, relevel Oceans. A Social Ocean (galaxy of clusters of custers of …) has  a direct impact and power upon Marine  Oceans, inter alia: tomorrow, with a little help from green lawyer Sandra Kirilovic, London, Ontario.

There is (already at work, although in its early, conventions and standards- setting  phase) a complex dyamics law of co-evolution of the 2 sea levels, the Social and the Natural one.

See Twitters’ tags  –  e.g., from:

#NextLongWave  #OutOfSubcrimeCrisis  #RETWOLUTION  #SocialOcean

nonnoenzo 6\5 PS Pro Serbian-Can. beauty Sandra is & will B a pure act of virallove: axis of the #viralpervasive #RETWOLUTION #OutOfSubcrimeCrisis

all_4_misssandraAny suggestion 4 inspiremetoday? No monopoly is good, either EBay, Google or a-innovative M.soft!

E,g., if you search RETWOLUTION, u can see the Smithian Invisible Hand behind,  quoting Smith:

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Saudade de uma Amazonia perdida


May 19: A brighter future for the Amazon (???)

Carlos Minc, Brazil’s new environment minister, won’t have his feet under his desk before the government auctions a concession to build and run the second of two controversial hydro-electric power stations in the heart of the Amazon on Monday 19.

Goodbye, Amazon rain forests

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And goodby to uncounted species of plants and animals. Business has won, as reported by Daniel Howden in The Independent:

Brazil has been accused of turning its back on its duty to protect the Amazon after the resignation of its award-winning Environment Minister fuelled fresh fears over the fate of the forest. The departure of Marina Silva, who admitted she was losing the battle to get green voices heard amidst the rush for economic development, has been greeted with dismay by conservationists.

“She was the environment’s guardian angel,” said Frank Guggenheim, executive director for Greenpeace in Brazil. “Now Brazil’s environment is orphaned.”

In a letter to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Ms Silva said that her efforts to protect the rainforest acknowledged as the “lungs of the planet” were being thwarted by powerful business lobbies.

Marina Silva

overcame poverty, disease and illiteracy in her childhood and adolescence. She was born in the state of Acre, and worked extracting rubber from trees in the forest. She met Chico Mendes, and joined his efforts to organize peaceful demonstrations against deforestation. Mendes was assassinated in 1988. In 5 years as a Minister, with determinacy, she changed the Brasilian Govt. previous culture: environmental illiteracy and straight developmentalism. And became a global green icon. FACTS MATTER:

– 1m sq km of land in the Amazon in recent decades have been cleared, subtracted;

– after some improvement, the situation is now worsening again, namely South of the rio Amazonas. Half of world rainforests, this is a unique environment, basically because the only one unchanged across 11 million years, not just a few thousands.

For the first time in the entire history of Brasil, the voice of the couple “Indigenous people – Rainforest” had entered the Govt. Now it is out again.


Brazil’s environment minister quits

By Jonathan Wheatley in São Paulo

Published: May 14 2008 22:23 | Last updated: May 14 2008 22:23

Brazil’s environment minister has resigned after becoming increasingly isolated within the government.

Marina Silva, who rose from poverty in the Amazon state of Acre to become a global figurehead for environmental activists, resigned late on Tuesday in a manner typical of her way of operating: she wrote to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and immediately announced her decision to the media, leaving no room for possible negotiation.

(..) during five years in the job she found herself in growing conflict with ministers pressing for the approval of infrastructure projects, many of which have been held up by the long process of obtaining environmental licences.

The most visible such project concerns the River Madeira in the Amazon, where two hydroelectric generating plants are to be built against fierce resistance from indigenous people and environmental groups. Mr Lula da Silva irritated Ms Silva by commenting that Brazil’s economic development was being held up “for the sake of a few fish”.

Carré Rouge et la Brèche: l’union fait la force

Du site on reproduit aussi dans notre file pdf: carrerouge_labreche la page qui annonce que les revues marxistes Carré Rouge et La brèche se sont unifiés à partir du no.1 de la nouvelle Revue trimestrielle “Carré rouge / La brèche”, qui vient de paraitre. Le formulaire pour s’abonnner est sur le site.

Au sommaire:
Pourquoi cette revue?
Les salarié-e-s s’affrontent à un changement de période qui est le résultat de la rencontre dans le temps de plusieurs développements historiques. Ce constat devra conduire la réflexion portée par cette revue.

Fin d’un cycle. Sur la portée et le cheminement de la crise financière
L’hypothèse défendue dans cet article est que l’économie mondiale se dirige vers une crise d’une certaine importance (…) au moment où les instruments mis en oeuvre par les banques centrales ont commencé à montrer leurs limites, à force d’avoir été utilisés de façon répétée depuis vingt ans.
François Chesnais

Dossier Ecologie politique

L’environnement social et naturel du capitalisme fossile
Elmar Altvater
Atteinte aux processus fondamentaux de la reproduction naturelle. L’écologie de la destruction.
John Bellamy Foster
Agrocarburants. La nouvelle panacée capitaliste