Trendy Google

ANSA – MILANO, 30 APR – Google diventa trendy: alcuni artisti realizzeranno temi grafici con cui arricchire l’homepage personalizzabile del motore di ricerca. Oltre agli ‘skin’ iGoogle consente di scegliere una serie di contenuti dinamici da visualizzare, come meteo, notizie e Borsa. Le creazioni artistiche portano la firma di Dolce&Gabbana, dei gruppi musicali Beastie Boys e Coldplay, dell’interior designer Philippe Stark, dei fotografi Anne Geddes e Yann Arthus-Bertrand e dell’artista Jeff Koons.

Google becoming even more trendy through iGoogle skins about to be created by artist and designers.

We are with Adam Smith against any monopoly (we just wrote on April 25th blog post: even an eventual Madonna Aparecida’s one), and will always stand by this tenet. We see here some Schumpeterism as well: the best is the best. The Microsoft-Yahoo saga is at a turning point: a Microsoft deadline just expired, and the WSJ reports some possible division in the Seattle giant top management. More on this next week, in the May edition of our monthly S&T Newsletter.

On Monday, April 21st the FT published the yearly report on Global Brand Equity; we have been analyzing and discussing it the day after, in the Industrial Economics classroom. The breaking news is a 2006-08 take off of Chinese oligopolies’ brand capital, e.g., taking the world 3rd, 6th and 7th rank in Finance (even if data have been adjusted for the 2007 “Shangai bubble” in the stock market).


1 Google 86,067 $m, 4.4% of world total

2 GE 71,379 $m, 3.7%

3 Microsoft 70,887 $m, 3.6%

4 Coca – Cola 58,208 $m, 3.0%

5 China Mobile 57,225 $m, 2.9%

HIGHEST 2007-08 growth: +390% BlackBerry, +123% Apple, + 93% Amazon, +82% China Construction Bank, + 75% Vodafone.