Floresta zero

We are waiting for the UN troops

in Amazonia (BR) and Campania (IT):



Enquanto isso, no campo

A grilagem continua,

A prática do escravismo,

A violência mais crua,

A agressão ambiental

Na flora se perpetua.

(Medeiros Braga 2007, O Cordel da Reforma Agrària)

Deeprecession acredita que YA BASTA! Os governos Lula tivem tempo demais, gastarom quase todo isso, e demonstrarom nao saber defender os intereses indios e da natureza (see our post 3 weeks ago, “Saudade de uma Amazonia perdida”, in occasion of Marina Silva’s exit). O tempo chegou de uma autoridade internacional entrar na Amazonia, com forças armadas das Naçoes Unidas, para defender o Patrimonio No.1 da Humanidade (a rainforest da Amazonia) dos atacos de fazenedeios e seus aliados em Brasilia.

Publicamos do sitio do Mov. Sem Terra:

Via Campesina exige rejeição do “Floresta Zero” pela Câmara


Integrantes de entidades da sociedade civil e movimentos sociais – entre eles, a Via Campesina Brasil e o Greenpeace – participam da Comissão Geral sobre a Amazônia que acontece nesta quinta-feira (05/06), às 14h, no Plenário Geral da Câmara, para exigir a rejeição do Projeto de Lei 6.424/05, de autoria do senador Flexa Ribeiro (PSDB/PA), conhecido como ‘Floresta Zero’.

O Projeto, que passou no Senado e tramita na Câmara dos Deputados, autoriza a derrubada de até 50% da vegetação nativa em propriedades privadas na Amazônia e legaliza praticamente todos os desmatamentos que, nos últimos 40 anos, derrubaram cerca de 700 mil quilômetros quadrados da área original de floresta – o equivalente a quase três estados de São Paulo. O Projeto também desobriga os responsáveis pelos desmatamentos de recuperarem o que derrubaram, permitindo que um desmatamento realizado no Pará, por exemplo, seja compensado com o plantio de árvores no Rio de Janeiro.

“Ao invés de aumentar a proteção do meio ambiente e estabelecer metas para a redução do desmatamento, o Congresso Nacional estará dando as costas para a Amazônia e abrindo as portas para mais destruição, agravando uma situação que já coloca o Brasil na incômoda posição de quarto maior poluidor do clima do planeta”, afirma o documento que será distribuído pelos manifestantes a partir das 14h, no Salão Verde da Câmara.


FAQ: What has Camorra’s Campania to do with this?

NOTHING: just an emergency need of UN troops.

Cfr. Roberto Saviano (2006), Gomorra (various worldwide ed.).  A cameo adding to Loretta Napoleoni’s Rough Economy fresco: the South Tirrenic coast of Italy is  directly governed by multinationals (camorras, ndrangheta, mafia), the State has since long stopped to simulate a control, after having financed the Camorra’s take-off with fake earthquake compensations in the 1970s.  Corrupted and\or criminal politicians, like post-communist Bassolino, (No.1: as former Napoli Mayor, now Campania Governor) sold their soul, and Neapolitans to the camorras. The strongest clan, the Casalesi, has emitted a Fatwa to Roberto Saviano, obliged to live in legal clandestinity after his book.

Until the LIBERATION WAR will come: GARIBALDI 2.


End of a long, long Labour wave to Tipperary


8 May update – THAT NIGHT (May the 1st) IN MY TOWN, Verona, A NEO-NAZI BAND HAS KILLED NICOLA, 29 years. RAI 1 has reproduced the video, taken by a camera in the street (Biblioteca Civica), showing the gratuitous aggression. Nicola died later on in the hospital.

Rai 2 has posted a short analysis about the killers: this band was well known, but was not stopped before. Perhaps security-maniac Leghisti, like Flavio Tosi (Verona’s Mayor) have a bias about security risks?

3 may update. KEN LOSES LONDON BY JUST 140,000 VOTES (circa 5%). LONDON MAYORAL RESULTS: Johnson CON  1,168,738 Livingstone LAB 1,028,96.

A) Today’s ABCD. Apparently the BBC got  it right, or almost right on early morning, announcing the Labour Party was ranking third, just behind the LibDem. Even if Ken the Red (not so populist, since he introduced road pricing)  had to win his tete-a-tete in London, he represents the Oldie Classic Labour (with TUs as stakeholders at yearly Brighton rendez-vous), not the Blairian one in Government. Blair himself, a deep throat said last week, knew Gordon Brown was going to lose VS Cameron. But the catastrophe became a bandwagon, for: sharp credibility fall of the Labs and Brown’s stupidity; the UK economy and City finance the hardest hit by the recession, with Wall Street and the US. The young Cameron,  whatever he says,  receives the free wind of an anti-Labour impolitical bandwagon (see our April 25 blog post on the Impolitico\Populism demand-supply duality).

The Blair’s witch prophecy was the reason WHY THE NORTHERN ROCK BAIL OUT WAS DELAYED FOR 5 LONG MONTHS !!! Shame on these people, let us send them home forever. Zapatero last of the Mohicans:

socialdemocracies  disappeared yesterday, May the 1st, from the Euromap.

As pursuers of True Socialist parties, we are happy and at work on this “ground 1” space.

Adieu revolution, le PSF s’en va.


Two decades since the collapse of Soviet Stalinism, the French Socialist party has finally decided that it no longer wants a revolution.  The main opposition party has put aside its feuding to agree on a new charter that for the first time commits it to inflicting capitalism even to the next generations.

B) BEWARE! Left of SocDem much worst, sometimes not even decent: e.g., the vetero-Nazi Social Centers’ youngsters in Italy.

C_1) Casalesi: the Italian camorra clan  was confirmed in government of the Caserta province, early this morning: not by election.

C_2) China’s Communism: a factory of baby-slaves (9 to 16 years old) discovered in the Guandong Earth Paradise. No surprise.

D) DEATH of an important, independent voice in China:  Bo Yang.


a) BBC: Labour’s clock 40 years back –  The last time Labour did this badly in a local election, the Beatles were in the charts and Flower Power was all the rage.


b) http://it.notizie.yahoo.com/ansa/20080501/tpl-bertinotti-contestato-a-torino-962521b.html

Torino, Fiera del Libro. Ultra-leftist vetero-nazi against the invitation of Jewish pacifist writers at the important cultural event: burning US and Israeli flags. Democracy must defend itself by such Nazi aggressions.

c1) http://it.notizie.yahoo.com/rtrs/20080502/tts-casalesi-ucciso-bidognetti-ca02f96.html

NAPOLI (Reuters) – Il padre di Domenico Bidognetti, esponente di spicco del clan dei Casalesi che sta collaborando con la giustizia, è stato ucciso stamattina a Castel Volturno, nel Casertano, riferiscono gli inquirenti.

The Casalesi construction-and-finance conglomerate has killed today the father of Domenico Bidognetti, a dissenting manager. The company’s immense power was publicly revealed last year by Roberto Saviano’s best-seller, Gomorra. The Casalesi HQs have emitted a Fatwa against him: Roberto is now forced to a secret life, and became an involuntary hero in an almost entirely corrupted nation. He belongs to Borsellino’s, Generale della Chiesa’s and Falcone’s Italy. LA NOSTRA PATRIA, per la quale potremmo dare la vita.

c2) il Manifesto, May 1st, p.10: A journalist discovered 167 baby-slaves in Dongguan, Guandong. You could buy them cheap and they worked hard, unsustainably  for €30c per hour, under a death threat. Police got them free yesterday.

Cina, un reporter scopre la fabbrica dei baby-schiavi

Inviato si finge padroncino nel Guandong, il paradiso dei prodotti taroccati, e gli vengono offerti i bambini: pochi spiccioli per averli, 30 centesimi di euro l’ora per farli lavorare
I maschi erano 107, le femmine 60. Comprati, alcuni rapiti, e costretti a lavorare in fabbriche a ritmi forsennati e paghe disumane. Minacciati di morte, nel caso avessero provato a fuggire. Un commercio di bambini-schiavi in piena regola. Ieri la polizia del Guandong ha liberato 167 minorenni, utilizzati come lavoratori nelle fabbriche di Dongguan. Comprati per pochi spiccioli. Pagati 3 yuan all’ora, circa 30 centesimi di euro. Età media dai 9 ai 16 anni.

d) La Cina è più brutta senza di lui – francesco sisci (La Stampa). AN UGLIER CHINA WITHOUT HIM. Death of Bo Yang, 88, the politically uncorrect Author of “The Ugly Chinese“, a fatalist essay on the cultural crisis and loss, facing modernity and the West.

Senza di lui la Cina è più brutta. La scomparsa a 88 anni dello scrittore Bo Yang, autore di satire, poesie, traduzioni, saggi leggeri, velenosi, lascia tutta la Cina priva di una grande voce che aveva trovato il modo, lungo i decenni di raccontare il politicamente scorretto della cultura cinese.

Bo era infatti riuscito nel difficile compito di essere scomodo a entrambe le parti, ai comunisti e ai loro avversari nazionalisti.