the rally is likely over, western actives will sink further&further

Corrupt “experts”, paid cash for that dirty job even in credit crunch times,  were disseminating during the April SR rally their usual bullshit, CRIMINAL disnformation they R paid 4. Hell is waiting for them: they’ll have all the time they want, to study Political Economy and to repent down there, at home … In Dante’s terms, they should & will suffer infinitely, the  souffrance they inflicted to the naive people believing their BULLSHIT optimism, spread on purpose in the middle of the worst ever crisis of Capitalism.

Please, remember the bloody Warren Buffet, Obama’s richest friend, who right  in the middle of the Fall of the Wall Street Temple, said last December “it was time 2 buy”. He bought, and lost all those $. We the poor, can’t afford such a luxury propaganda game.

Time 2 buy will come soon, most likely  in a couple of years time:

iff, provided the crisis will play thoroughly,   and bring to an end its own chirurgical work, no one else can do: to clean the ground, to make room (no room – in a filled up space of resources allocation) in order to allow for a new mechaism of growth to self-organize, emerge, and establish its coeherent, new economic geography & interregional DIVISION OF LABOUR. Marxian & Austrian, Hayekian & Schumpeterian sagesse, that neo-converted Keynesans (most of them actually never read  Keynes) and profiteering Obamist blatanty ignore.  

As we discuss in our teaching blog, things are not that simple & straightforward: there are  many mistakes in the Austrian  credo, although not so many  as their adversaries argue. First of all: why the hell in our MIXED  economies, that is a variety – from SF – LA to Beijing-Tokyo –  of combinations, mixes of  free markets (full of monopolies & market failures: what  Austrians oversee, for their ideological bias at odds with science) & Statism, should the most ineffcient fail, and the crisis VISIBLE  FOOT make a proper job of resources liberation from bad, worst uses? Monopolies, Detroit, Mr Profumo’s Unicredit: they R all TOO BIG TO FAIL. Who fails, is the foreclosure victim, not his killer.

In sum: while monetary policies are doing their job – they keep the crisis fever at the right temperature, avoiding a fall into stagdeflation  –  fiscal stimuli are most likely useless, 0 multiplier hence 0 impact (apart a Mob, Mafiosa misallocation of buying rights to friends, friends of friends etc. – e.g. Obama’s stimulus over-concentrating public exp. in Washington DC versus FDR’s regional balancing policy, iconised by the TVA, Tennesse Valley Authority).



says – from official sources, and itself an official, public-communist source – that China power use is currently dropping -4% (April 2009 n April 2008) at odds with evidently  FALSE official GDP figures from the Empre, saying that   China is growing 6% but will B up soon to 7%. Can you believe there was such a sudden jump of energy efficiency : +10??? 6 – (-4) = 10.

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