The Microsoft-Google armageddon: or is it desperate webwives?

la resa dei conti: a spaghetti-western, music by morricone

The google-microsoft armageddon animated by yahoo latest agitation, just before death

The news (sing the classic: Yahoo killed the media stars …)

Internet, media stars line up for Yahoo – Yahoo News from AP. April 10, 11:05 AM ET

SAN FRANCISCO – Yahoo Inc.‘s last-ditch efforts to avoid a takeover by Microsoft Corp. appear to be setting the stage for a dramatic finale featuring a rich cast of Internet and media stars.
Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang (Las Vegas, Jan. 7)

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang poses for a photo in front of the Yahoo booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in this Jan. 7, 2008 file photo.  Internet icon Yahoo Inc., under pressure of a three-week deadline from Microsoft to accept its $41 billion buyout bid, on Monday, April 7, 2008 said it doesn't oppose a deal with the world's largest software maker but wants a better offer. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, file)

1) Yahoo and AdSense: a NonSense.

Yahooannounced today that it will begin a limited trial using Google’s AdSense for Search program in its search queries. The deal will apply only to traffic from in the US. The test is expected to last for up to two weeks and will be limited to no more than 3% of Yahoo’s search traffic. Even so, just before being absorbed, they admit being so weak in their core business and strategic technology (!!! ??? !!!). What for? to undersell to Microsoft? They must be just crazy.

2) Yahoo and AOL:

They are close to an agreement to combine their Internet operations, according to the WSJ. Time Warner, the parent of AOL, would reportedly inject the unit and an unspecified amount of cash in exchange for a 20% stake in the combined entity. The agreement would value AOL at $10bn, but would not include the group’s declining dial-up business. Yahoo would then buy back several billion $ worth of stock, at a price between $30 and $40 per share, now traded at $28.50.

The comments

Last battles this week, the Yahoo saga of the multi-saga Armageddon is very close to an end:

– after a battered, defeated, masochist, even incapable of introducing a new version of its stupid and useless OS (producing all their anti-Schumpeterian rents: that is, monopoly rents derived from their anti-innovation and obscurantist policies), a strategically retiring Microsoft’s hyper-desperate move (its $44.6bn Yahoo bid),

– now it’s Yahoo’s turn being so desperate, really crazy and crying (grasping A0L, Google, and whatever else is at hand, in order not to fall into Bill Gates and Steve Ballman’s voracious mouths). The telenovela IS N0W: DESPERATE WEB2 HOUSEWIVES. Just Google, at the moment, keeps nerves under control: but not forever. Since, as Yahoo’s desperation is up, & their escape solutions down, Google will go crazy too, at the idea of one battle won by Ballman.

This and much more from news:

a) jeff segal: Steve, throw in a few dollars or make the bid all-cash, and this deal is yours. b) robert cyran: scorched internet. If this is all Yahoo’s got, it’s not much … and TV today: Apr.10, Google & News Corp. B.views justintime! This is a Guinness: Google-Microsoft armageddon on Yahoo battlefield in just 53″ !!!

Basics: No Competition authority might ever approve a 90% ad-market share in Google’s hands

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o8\o4\11 The Weekly View, Apr. 11

1) Ed Hadas; good and bad news from housing markets; as for the latter, there will be another -15% in house prices 2) Alan Greenspan’s self defense? No, thanks! He, alone, was 30% responsible of this disaster. According to IMF guys, who aìhave adopted Roudini’s estimate this week, this makes a public damage of $300 bn (NOTE. The last free market ideologue is definitely rejected out of history: à la poubelle, à la poubelle. But he must pay the bill, before going out)