deep recession\depression data “telonio”

Telonio is the family lexicon term we used in the 1960s and afterward in Chiampo (Vicenza, Italia), in order to label the most beautiful, unforgettable place in our childish universe, then in our teen one, and so on: the repository of all what was left (from buttons to everything, inc. an early translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf !?!) of the former Faedo mega-store, the Wal-Mart of the epoch and place: Chiampo. From there the Faedo and the other families becoming related to them through generations (e.g., Arcangeli, .., Sofri) spread all over Italy. Exp. in Pisa, due to the fact that once Napoleon had established there the Normale, a derivation of ENS, Paris: my oncles Alessandro Faedo and Enzo Fabio met there, now Lucia F. and Adriano S. might have some work to do in the Library. In a telonio, like in a good Library, you might find everything, but usually not (only) what you were looking for: it’s the realm of serendipity.

This economic data telonio

This Telonio updates automatically or frequently some basic data on the world economy: first of all data on the real economy: raw inputs prices, value creation and logistics. Then, on second line, indicators of global financial markets. A quick glance economic experts don’t need, students or blog users might like.

We start with a 1-year look to crude oil price per barrel, from

To get the oil price, please enable Javascript.

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