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You find a link here to 0802vitae.pdf – a CV specially tailored for this blog: not the boring-sleeping-usual Vitae: my preferences in arts, cities, culture, life, movies and nature. It’s  in Italian. Here is an:

ENGLISH ABSTRACT of 0802vitae.pdf

I was born in 1948, the 2nd of 5 children of Fulvio and Antonietta Faedo.

Scientific Lyceum Messedaglia in Verona (with Alessio Altichieri, Giancarlo Bogoni, Orfeo Garofoli, Anna Massagrande, Bea Sambugar, Sandra Villa, Paolo Zoppi etc.), Sociology in Trento in highly subversive, Upside Down years (while working as a trade unionist at FITLEA-CGIL in Schio), Science and Technology Policy at SPRU, Sussex University, UK (at the same time as Daniele Archibugi, Fiorenza Belussi, Mario Cimoli, Fatima Gaio, Christian Genthon, Enrico Santarelli and the 2 Gigi), with Nick von Tunzelmann, Chris Freeman, Paul David as external supervisor, and

the Maestro of generations:

an unforgettable Keith Pavitt.

I have 2 daughters (Tania, Margherita) and 2 grandsons (Niccolò, Andrea) I am very proud of.

My best friends include in a crowded first row: Dirceu Antunes, Attila, Ada Becchi, la maga Betta, Renzo Bianchi, Dario Bicego,  Sergio Bologna, Mabelle Borja,  Carlo e Carla Borzaga, Otaviano Canuto, Charle Andre’, François Chesnais and Cath, Mario Cimoli, Paolo Costa, Paul and Sheila David, Beppe de Matteis, Giovanni Dosi,  Leda Duif, Fatou Fal, Flo Favetta, Andrea Fumagalli, Fatima Gaio, Christian Genthon, Silvio Goglio, Gianluigi Gorla, Walter Inglessi, Vitor Leonardi, Antonio Carlos Macedo e Silva; Joia, Maezinha and Monica Magule; Gianpiero Mariutti, Cesare Moreno, Giorgio Padrin, Francesco Pedrini, Philippe (paysan anarchiste à la Cabrery), Alain Perrousset, Julien Perrousset, Tiziana Riolfi (the mother of Margherita),  Eric Sheppard, Maura e Gianfranco Turrini, Fabio Valle, Valter Zanin and my brother Ciacio.

Also Giuliano Bianchi and Paolo Gabrielli – until recently.

I faced the two major challenges of my life when I was fourty, and “forte” enough to take them both:

1) My major realisation in the academics was such a hard task of budgeting and organising the March 1987 “Venice Innovation Diffusion Conference” (mainly sposored by the IRI, then under Romano’s Chairmanship), who gathered the top 200 worldwide technology scholars – among so many,  should I just mention Allan Pred and Paolo Sylos Labini who left us, and Ken Arrow. The milestone David Teece paper (Profiting on Innovation, Research Policy 1986) was presented and first known there, as Dick Nelson remembers in the RP 2006 special issue on Teece. Those were the epic creative years of just another Anglo-Italian school (after, and WITH Cambridge: Brighton) remembered by Giovanni Dosi in the introduction to his collected essays book, and later on by the 2 Gigi (Marengo and Orsenigo) writing on the 8, St. Nicholas Road “Italian connection”, in Industrial and Corporate Change, Spring 2008.

2) My main task outside the academics was (moving to a part-time position at IUAV and) being the Vice-President before, then – succeeding to Vezio –  the Secretary of the Structure Plan body (Comprensorio ex legge Speciale) for Venice, its lagoon and the hinterland (a few years before and after 1990): working there to find out the missing link BEYOND INDUSTRIALISM, in favour of a diversification of the city economic base (incl. Porto Marghera, where we planned what now became VEGA, the innovation centre)  and a strict environmental and urban planning discipline.  We imposed with success the depuration of all the rivers bringing rural pollution into the Lagoon, before planning any Mose. Together – among many – with Ada Becchi, Leonardo Benevolo, Felicia Bottino, Renato Brunetta, Riccardo Cappellin,  Cesco Chinello, Paolo Costa, Vezio De Lucia, Gianni De Michelis,  Cesare De Piccoli, Livia Marinello, Ignazio Musu, Francesco Pedrini, Gianni Pellicani, Maurizio Rispoli, Eddy Salzano and Gigi Scano.

A MUST on Porto Marghera, its Industralism and Post-industrialism, is the beautiful cadeau that Cesco Chinello left us, just on the border of his life on this planet:

“Un barbaro veneziano – mezzo secolo da comunista”

prefaz. di Mario Isnenghi. Padova: il poligrafo. Marzo 2008

It is music to my ears read again, from Cesco, that at the top  of the P. Marghera workers’ insurrection in 1968, gli operai del Petrolchimico used to say, e.g. when occupying the Mestre railway station: “Faremo come  a Valdagno” (where, in a company-town and a feudal valley where History didn’t enter, in March 1968 workers had just abated the statue of the Conte Marzotto, the Co. founder). As I mentioned before, Valdagno-Schio at that time was my workplace, as a 20 y-old textile workers rank-and-file organiser, definitely not a “bonzo” (as we used to label TU bureaucrats).

I am supposed to be an Economics of knowledge (by far the oldest of the “Dosi boyz”), and Regional Science expert: after Venice (IUAV and 1 year also Ca’ Foscari), Padova (Engineering) and abroad (namely Campinas and Maputo), now teaching in Verona, Italy (Economia dell’innovazione; Economia dell’innovazione e dei trasporti;  Economia industriale internazionale). Writing a book on Marx and the extraction of absolute and relative surplus value nowadays, from Silicon Valley and Dublin,  to Bangalore and Shenzen. I am a member of the: Department of Economics (Verona); Editorial Board of “Economia e Sociedade” (Campinas, SP, Brasil); Free Software Foundation; (joined April 2008); the regional science associations (RSAI-ERSA, AISRe), Società Italiana degli Economisti; Association pour l’étude de la pensée de Simone Weil.

My life’s paradigm (Kuhn, Dosi) shift? The Rolling Stone magazine certificates what is public domain: the album and turning point of my life – has been and still is, from the now reborn Liverpool: Beatles (1967), Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 1967: the year the world  turned upside down (Chris Hill, 1972) – in a subjectivist perspective and irreversibly, for all of us and forever; at year close, Guy Debord published La Société du spectacle. I recommend a 1983  interview of  Henri Lefebvre (urban scholar and marxist philosopher) on Guy Debord. I never understood  the media celebrating 1968: what? who? why? We already celebrated 1967 in 2007, and that’s all, folks!


2009    Arcangeli E.F., Profiting from adoption – 22 years after profiting from innovation. Verona: DSE. Working Paper,  July 2007 (paper submitted to Research Policy).


2008  (with Stefano Damiani), Dublin as a creative city: theories, empirics and policies. Paper  submitted at ERSA 48 “Culture, Cohesion and Competitiveness: Regional Perspectives”Liverpool August 27-31.

2007 Value in Space – Space in Value. Paper to AISRe 28, Bolzano, September 26-28. 2007 A marxian perspective on global climate change. Capital mineralises the Earth. Paper submitted to ERSA 47, Paris, August 29- September 2.

I published  contributions in the reviews: Giornale degli Economisti, Oltre il Ponte, Papers of the RSA, Prospettive sindacali, Ricerche Economiche, Research Policy, Systèmes d’information et management.


A_Actress: the sublime Nicole Kidman, among the living ones. D_ Doc: Trabalho escravo, by Nikola Chesnais (2006), turned in Brazil. N_ Novels: Grande Sertao, Veredas (Guimaraes Rosa).  P_Philosophy: Emmanuel Levinas, and Simone Weil.    P_Places\heavens: Capetown, Dolomiti, Longo Maj @ Domaine de Cabrery (FR), Maputo (I met again Josè Luis Cabaço – after 30 years – meanwhile he had entered the books of African history and peacemaking, peacekeeping theory), Napoli (Cesare, Imma and Tiziana), Paris (my elective home), Porto Velho (CR), Rio de Janeiro.   Politics: Nicola Chiaromonte and Hanna Arendt. R_Radios: FIP, rai (radio3; also fiorello and luca, the son of adriano and a cousin of mines, on radio2), radio24, radio popolare, zinzine.   T_Theatre\movies: A streetcar named desire (Tennesse Williams).   V_Videos that killed the radio star:

Living painters: Anselm Kiefer after Bilbao 2007, recently in Milan at the Triennale space, Bovisa (“Am I a fascist? That’s very important. You cannot answer so quickly. Authority, competition, superiority... I wanted to paint the experience and the answer“, talking of his early work), soon back in Milano and Napoli again. And, introduced to his secrets by Fatou:  Pierre Soulages; “When light is reflected on black, it transforms and transmutes it. It opens up a mental field all of its own.

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