ARCA-PEDIA (goto): bio-food 4 thought

GOTO:  explains the project and calls 4 cooperaton

ARCAPEDIA is a stepwise project of out-fashioned (à la Mozart and Verdi, Elsa Morante and Pasolini, Picasso and Kiefer, Sartre and Levinas) morally-politically engaged, but not enslaved or servile culture (as the pro-Communist, and fake Peace movements à la Russell were: a subordinate allied of Stalinist Russia, l’Enfer du proletariat).

Unengaged art&literature at their best are good as well: from Bach-Gould to Rossini-Callas, Faulkner to Coetzee. They often serve “good causes” better.

Let’s leave the aesthetic paradigm free to individual options: BASTA with catholic anathemas (S. WEIL: Lettre à un religieux), communist diktats and islamic fatwas!

E.g., in Apartheid’s ZA, Brink and Coetzee, in the same Literature Dept. after Liberation (until J.M. left for Australia), pursued opposite but peacefully coexistent paradigms. André: the novel pursuing empathy and reader’s identification, along Dostojevskij- Faulkner lines;   J.M.:  the only one post-modern novel paradigm that works (he leaves you free, if you like or not to identify with his animalist alterego).

Declaring its credo and social references IN THIS PENTALOGUE.

a) analysis: as a priority,  we must answer IN PRAXIS, AND THEORY, Foucault’s question as reworded by Roberto Esposito in Bìos:

Why Bio-Politics, under fascism or post-democracy, often goes wrong, into Thanato-politics, Thanato-economics, etc.?

b) BOUNDED WORLD AXIOM (Georgescu Roegen). Neither Capitalisms, nor Socialisms can ignore this axiom, otherwise we destroy the Earth: Capitalisms are unsustainable, since their ecological footprint is already beyond 4 times the Earth’s surface. BioSocialism  must restate a <1 rate.

c) credo. We believe in the force of people, their capability to break the chains of their slavery, and build a society where the fulfilling of BASIC DUTIES (Simone Weil: towards the person and the community; Francesco d’Assisi: our living sisters, brothers and the ecosystem) is the foundation of proper, real  freedom – not its mediatic and web 2.0 caricatures.

d) deep-recession-like, even ARCAPEDIA sister blog starts from HIC ET NUNC, the current social crisis, to subvert capitalisms and restate justice in the Marx- Kalecki- Minsky tradition.

e) end. Our purpose is Pure BioSocialism, without capitalist ingredients. Nonetheless, in a sense anarchist -feminist -green Socialism implements some (not all) neoclassical ideals, at odds with Monopoly Capitalisms.


f) fabio arcangeli is the main author of the early items: coop is welcome.

g) gender. A necessary component of bioSocialism: history teaches that, without feminism, you can only build another TanathoSocialism.

If you agree with this A2E PENTALOGUE, just write&send items, we’ll publish them here:

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