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Enzo Fabio Arcangeli Jr.
Born in Verona March 28, 1948. Living now in Lisboa, Maputo, Peschiera del Garda VR, Portland OR and Rio de Janeiro RJ. My beliefs are Jewish (I am Essene, w\ developments along Agostino-Gioacchino da Fiore, M. Eckart-M.Vannini, Catari- Dante- S.Weil, Sophiology-Papa Wojtyla-war to marxist LIBERATION THEOLOGY, and S. Quinzio lines).

1. Vita
My name comes from my uncle, a very young Chemist who was a war victim. I have 2 daughters: Tania, and Margherita (a philosopher, a pupil of Jérôme Dokic; forthcoming, Nov. 1: Supposition-Imagination-Philosophy-Routledge-Focus).
I used to live in Africa, Americas (Brasil), Europe. Mostly in the Venetian Region: Peschiera, Verona metropolitan area, Schio (VI), Venezia. Elsewhere: Brighton, Buenos Aires, Campinas (SP), Maputo, NYC, Paris and Rio de Janeiro-Buzios (RJ). 
I like El Camino, cycling, Marco Pantani and Il Roccia, drink&eat the best, poetry, Giorgione-Duhrer, G Leopardi, C Brancusi, A Kiefer,  B Keaton, Paris-Texas the no.1 (W. Wenders, Natascia K.), A Brink, V Grossman, J Guimaraes Rosa🌹 

Maestri, Top 10: general edu, Simone Weil, Sandro Faedo, Emmanuel Levinas, Etty Hillesum, Saint JP2 Magnum. Profession: Bernardo Secchi, Yorgo Papageorgiou, Allan Pred, Keith Pavitt, Maria Conceiçao Tavares.
Before undertaking my undergraduate studies, I was a 20 y.o. trade unionist in Schio.

2. Studium
Regional scientist, Technology scholar, Urban sociologist.
√ 45 years of academic lecturing, search on spatial & technology issues (in all the 4 Veneto Universities + Mondlane Maputo, Stanford, UFRJ Rio and Unicamp Campinas).

√ I co-invented the Erasmus in the 1970s with a few geographers. I also co-founded with colleagues & friends AISRe, the It. Section of the RSA (see ref.s 1980, 1985 below). In March 1986 I convened the  MILESTONE “Venice Inn. Diff. Conference” with Kenneth Arrow, Paul David, Giovanni Dosi and Maurizio Rispoli, supported by IRI.
√ My research trajectory started in Regional Science – Urban Modelling (namely: Discrete Choice maths, Extreme stats and micro foundations; also, building up consensus & writing the Structure Plan of Venice & its lagoon); since the mid 1980s sociology & economics of knowledge took the lead. I got a PhD in this field. See Ref.s, my 35&70 yo milestones.
√ My research follows the archetypes\paradigms: a) the 2 Smith &Marx, b) the Weber bros &Parsons, c) Loesch Arrow &Coase.
Other inspirational sources: Rev. Malthus, von Thunen, D. Ricardo, C. Napoleoni, V. Pareto, E. Husserl, R. Girard, E. Burke,  F. Furet, San Pio di Petrelcina, E. Gallo, S. Bologna, W. Isard, D. Massey, G. De Matteis, A. Becchi,  M. Thatcher, G. Leonardi, D. McCloskey, P. David, G. Dosi, M. Boldrin, M. Arcangeli.
Academic parents: Lorenzo Bianchi and Luigi Frey graduating 1971, Nick von Tunzelman and Paul David PhD 1991.

3. References
3.1 regional science
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3.2 Schumpeteriana
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Arcangeli, EF (2018, forthcoming), On the role of demand and diffusion in the Teece 1986 Appropriation Model.

Rio de Janeiro. July 21, 2017
e.f. arcangeli

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