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Enzo Fabio Arcangeli Jr.
Born in Verona March 28, 1948. Living in Rio de Janeiro.

1. Vita
My name comes from my uncle, a very young Chemist who was a war victim. I have 2 amazing daughters: Tania and Margherita, called Peggie by my 2 grandchildren.
I lived in Africa, Brasil, Europe specially in the Venetian Region; mostly in Verona, Schio (VI), Venezia and Contrada Biceghi (VR). Brighton, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Campinas (SP) and Paris. A bit Buenos Aires, Maputo, New York.
I like to walk, drink&eat, poetry, Giorgione-Duhrer, G Leopardi, C Brancusi, B Keaton, A Kiefer, S Quinzio, G Rosa🌹 
Maestri, Top 10: Simone Weil, Sandro Faedo, Renzo Bianchi, Emmanuel Levinas, Etty Hillesum, Bernardo Secchi, Yorgo Papageorgiou, Allan Pred, Keith Pavitt, Conceiçao Tavares.
Before undertaking my undergraduate studies, I was a 20 y.o. trade unionist in Schio.

2. Studium
Regional scientist, Technology scholar, Urban sociologist.
√ 45 years of academic lecturing, search on spatial & technology issues (in all the 4 Veneto Universities + Mondlane Maputo, Stanford, UFRJ Rio and Unicamp Campinas).

√ I co-invented the Erasmus in the 1970s with a few geographers. I also co-founded with colleagues & friends AISRe, the It. Section of the RSA (see ref.s 1980, 1985 below). In March 1986 I convened the “Venice Innovation Diffusion Conference” with Kenneth Arrow, Paul David, Giovanni Dosi and Maurizio Rispoli, supported by the IRI Group.
√ My research trajectory started in Regional Science – Urban Modelling (namely: Discrete Choice maths, Extreme stats and micro foundations; also, building up consensus & writing the Structure Plan of Venice & its lagoon); since the mid 1980s sociology & economics of knowledge took the lead. I got a PhD in this field. See Ref.s, my 35&70 yo milestones.
√ My research follows a) the 2 Smith &Marx, b) the Weber bros &Parsons, c) Loesch Arrow &Coase.
Others: D. Ricardo, C. Napoleoni, V. Pareto, R. Girard, F. Furet, S. Bologna, A. Becchi, G. Dosi, P. David
Academic parents: Lorenzo Bianchi graduating 1971, Nick von Tunzelman and Paul David PhD 1991.

3. References
3.1 regional science
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3.2 Schumpeteriana
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Arcangeli, EF (2018, forthcoming), On the role of demand and diffusion in the Teece 1986 Appropriation Model.

Rio de Janeiro. July 21, 2017
e.f. arcangeli

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