Allegriaaa Haaappiness


Paulson and Geithner anticipated 1 week the Advent  liturgy.

This is to cheer you up. No melancholia, we are still surfing on the ICT  wave: in a little while we’ll be fallen angels, but not yet. Enjoy Xmas, if you aren’t a Chrysler employee !!!  

Got on Citi bail Sunday, the day of another cadeau to Big Banca – just from GW Bush or a bipartisan cadeau? With Timothy in the dream team, one never knows … read What Barack Obama Needs to Know About Tim Geithner, the AIG Fiasco and Citigroup !!! A MUST (echoed by Robert Reich and  Bill Greider).

This anti-depressive  pill (Chart 1 below) is from Levy forecast, via Yves at nakedcapitalism. IL CAPITALE E’ NUDO.

When profits will finally stand at zero at least a couple of years, perhaps the profits-rents glut (Aglietta-Berrebi, Chesnais) will be over,  life will spring and creativity, innovation  be back… If you see and interpret this picture, together with Shiller’s graph on Wall Street p\e ratios across the century, you understand that the global recession must be really  deep, long and severe, since it was artificially and superficially delayed 5 years ago. E i nodi vengono al pettine.

CHEERY CHART 1, followed by a reminder of Shiller’s 


CHART 2 BY SHILLER (from Authers,  9 november ft)

p\e ratio depurato, S&P 1900-2008

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