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HE’S RIGHT OF COURSE,  PROBLEM IS: IS HE STILL IN COMMAND OF YAHOO? PROBABLY YES, HE IS. BECAUSE ICAHN’s ASSAULT IS FULL OF CONTRADICTIONS: by such a  mono-mania of selling to Ballman, the stupid Icahn undervalues Yahoo (against the  shareholders’ interests, he pretends to represent), he has no alternative and  – by definition – no strategic menu,  view of technolgy nor any idea of how to shape an industrial, a development plan for Yahoo. THESE IDIOT FINANCIAL MEN don’t know anything about anything.  Had this to be the last stage of the M.HOO telenovela (who knows?), all the pressing by Microsoft along 2007-08 had just the result to cut out Yahoo’s independence space, and push it into Google’s   area, withuot Google having to spend a single cent. WE WAIT FOR ICAHN TO ASSAULT MICROSOFT, AND ASK FOR STEVE BALLMAN’S HEAD …

YHOO shares (see graph below) lost 10% today, Thursday, closing at $23.52 (30% down from $33 MSFT offer).


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Yahoo reached a search-ad pact with rival Google, uniting the systems of two industry giants and dealing a blow to Microsoft. Yahoo said acquisition talks with Microsoft have ended, sending Yahoo shares tumbling.  7:02 p.m.

Yahoo destroyed itself to save itself. Microsoft tried to get stronger, but only ended up exposing its own weakness. Somehow Google emerged triumphant, effectively neutralizing its two biggest competitors.

That is what makes the Yahoo-Microsoft nonmerger such a spectacular failure. Never have so few failed so many for so much at stake.

Associated Press

Consider the state of Yahoo now: Thrust into the arms of Google, it now is forced to admit it can’t develop the technology to compete head-on with the Googleplex. It is as if IBM were to admit it could no longer build a big server, or Toyota were to give up on the Corolla and start selling Honda Civics.

      Yahoo Ends Talks With Microsoft, Nears Search-Ad Deal with Google By MATTHEW KARNITSCHNIG

Microsoft Corp. has definitively abandoned its pursuit of a deal with Yahoo Inc., people familiar the matter said, opening the way for Yahoo to complete a search advertising pact with rival Google Inc. Microsoft told Yahoo it was no longer interested in a pursuing a takeover, even at the $33 per share price it offered for the Internet company last month. Shares of Yahoo plunged on the news, dropping 11%, or $2.88, to $23.27 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The decision likely spells the end of Microsoft’s five-month pursuit of Yahoo, a deal it characterized at the time as essential to its strategy of countering rival Google. In retrospect, Microsoft’s unsolicited approach appears to have badly backfired. Instead of winning Yahoo’s huge audience and online search capabilities Microsoft has driven its quarry into the arms of its arch enemy — Google. The deal unraveled last weekend, at a meeting between Yahoo directors and Microsoft representatives. At the meeting, Microsoft made it clear that it was no longer wanted to pursue a larger deal, the people said. The two companies have been in discussions in recent weeks over an alternative transaction that would have involved Microsoft acquiring Yahoo’s search business but Yahoo concluded that such an arrangement was unworkable. The company now plans to pursue a search advertising pact with Google, a deal that could be announced as early as today. Details of the plan weren’t immediately clear but the two companies have been discussing a deal under which Yahoo would outsource its search advertising to Google. Analysts believe such a deal would significantly increase Yahoo’s cash flow because Google’s system generates significantly more revenue for each search query than Yahoo’s does. Write to Matthew Karnitschnig at matthew.karnitschnig@wsj.com  

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