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Rescue Effort Overwhelms China 

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Shai Oster
China quickly mobilized the largest relief operation in its modern history after the magnitude-7.9 earthquake, but, as a trek into one of the worst hit areas showed, even that effort was falling short for many victims of the vast devastation.

In a moment of catastrophe and suffering for the Chinese earthquake (40,000 dead counted as of today, plus 30,000 dispersed), the WSJ  looks forward, sees a reconstruction after the ruins. And, further on,  the same Armageddon as we do. But – once sharing this basic, commonly held scenario – such an authoritative and highly professional voice of the US right, decides for the obvious. The highly popular Early Strike meta-strategy is proposed in an op-ed by Mark Helprin.


FAQ 1:  Does this imply that capitalisms are leading NECESSARILY TO WW3?

FAQ 2: Which family of social systems might avoid imperialistic  WW3 and WW4, and how?

FAQ 3: Is it conceivable a peaceful transition from a US to a Chinese and\or an Indian Empire? Why not?

Don’t ask such question to the WSJ, feminism and socialism are not their main points. Today’s Opinion.


The Challenge From China


May 13, 2008; Page A17

Even as our hearts go out to the Chinese who have perished in the earthquake, we cannot lose sight of the fact that every day China is growing stronger. The rate and nature of its economic expansion, the character and patriotism of its youth, and its military and technical development present the United States with two essential challenges that we have failed to meet, even though they play to our traditional advantages.

The first of these challenges is economic, the second military. They are inextricably bound together, and if we do not attend to both we may eventually discover in a place above us a nation recently so impotent we cannot now convince ourselves to look at the blow it may strike. We may think we have troubles now, but imagine what they will be like were we to face an equal.

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