AsiaTimes: let’s help Burma by invasion

UPDATE: May 11 8 am. This appeal came from the Hong Kong based news portal Asia Times, the best info source on Asia. But even the much more popular US weekly Times, perhaps independently got the same idea the same day! The US naval forces are already on site, Ms Laura Bush the First Lady already invited Burmese people to insurrection on Orange side a few months ago (see picture): LET’S GO !!!       

Any minute is precious, will save lives now and improve them tomorrow. Acting on UN basic rights aims, the US might reap a secondary effect of great momentum 4 the next decades: a US stronghold on China borders – a “Cuba 2, the revenge” (PRC always very embarassed with  the Burmese golpistas, but did nothing to help people).

The case for invading Myanmar
By Shawn W Crispin    

BANGKOK – With United States warships and air force planes at the ready, and over 1 million of Myanmar’s citizens left bedraggled, homeless and susceptible to water-borne diseases by Cyclone Nagris, the natural disaster presents an opportunity in crisis for the US. 

A unilateral – and potentially United Nations-approved – US military intervention in the name of humanitarianism could easily turn the tide against the impoverished country’s unpopular military leaders, and simultaneously rehabilitate the legacy of lame-duck US President George W Bush’s controversial pre-emptive military policies. 





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