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a) voted during the last 2 weeks: i.e., after

March 14 milestone = Bear Stearns bailout; death of  neo-conservatism officially declared by Wolf on the Financial Times; neo-con marketing itself as neo-liberalism, under false Adam Smith’s flags (follow our page regular updates, here on the 2nd column: access page 2 all-the-subprime-science).

b) They believe: 5/8 it’ll be depression, 3/8 just recession. A balanced and fair synthesis of state-of-the-art financial meltdown, real economy  stagflation, sincere evaluations, and feelings by experts and field operators.

c) There are still (but not for ever) wide degrees of freedom – in de(e)pre(ce)ssion evolution – as far as “il Politico” and its autonomy (Mario Tronti) are concerned, appropriate-systemic social, institutional and economic policies, both nationally and internationally. We discuss them in 2 blog sections and their next updates:

– access page to (almost) all-the-subprime-science

– SPECIAL REPORT obamanewdeal_080215.pdf 

In the recent page “Arcapedia: which are the Prozac …” we propose an original definition of DEPRESSION.    

POLL | posted March 25, 2008 (web only)


What’s ahead

for the US economy?

A recession: Inflation will rise and many will lose

their jobs and homes, but it will be of relatively

short duration. 

  (829) 36%


The Big One: We’re on the verge of economic

disaster on par with the Great Depression 

  (1417) 63%

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