Will Super Tuesday somehow affect the recession path?

february 8, 2008. Click this date for a 10 pages file of this week’s (February 8 to the 1st) first entries into this baby blog: depression or recession? At the moment, we might be still before the fork, and the blog title follows. Main arguments, dictated by the quickly unfolding events after the disputed Fed’s move:
FAQ 1: What if the Fed continues to cut the rate, at a rate of 125 points a month?
FAQ 2, Super Tuesday: Prof. Roubini argues the policy maker can’t stop the financial catastrophe. He is right,  but what if  a leadership and a new political process emerge from an America fed up with the establishment  and an overwhelming, unrestricted markets power?
Feb. 8, Frankfurt: ECB on hold (already changing adjectives on € zone inflation)
Feb. 7, Yesterday’s mood in Avenida Paulista (SP) was mixed feelings
Feb.5, Just an IMS Report for another Black Tuesday? The oddness of Wall Street boyz mood
Feb. 1, US non farm employment just negative (first time since August 2003).
MORE: a) in blog page SUBPRIME SURPRISES, there is a_primer_on_subprime.pdf, a 20 pp. still provisional, very draft work-in-progress, with a Political Economy analysis of the unfolding recession\depression, with perhaps original (at least, not textbook) policy implications:1. monetary policies have now counter-intuitive and counter-willing effects:

more money&credit, lower interest rates = deeper depression

2. fiscal policies (in the countries that can afford such a luxury) might do better, wasn’t the recession rooted in long term structural processes (à la Carlota Perez);

b) in the 30 pp. long file: 080131-0707deeprecessionblog.pdf – in blog style and reverse time order, there is the legacy of my posts before this blog started: many useful analyses and comments to what happened to the world economy in the past 9 months (when I had this blog in mind, like Jupiter Minerva, and Gods were planning to strike a recession to humans on some planet).

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