000. A guide to, and excerpts from static pages

ATTENTION: ARCA-PEDIA items have been moved to their own blog, which hosts Biopedia, “a Parisienne socialist encyclopedia onLine”.


umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu

UBUNTU, cooperation

An African Philosophy briefing. UBUNTU (also adopted as the name of a successful GNULinux distribution), in S. A. Nguni languages means “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” i.e. “I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE WE ARE” (or: because of the Others around me). It is:

1) about inherent, necessary human interconnectedness (Magadlela, M&G: Jan. 9 and March 26, 2008 op-eds);

2) its originality: relation to the Other before the Ego, Essence and Existence (Emmanuel Lévinas), therefore at the foundation of a relational plurality BEFORE singularity (Adriana Cavarero). 

3) The macro-foundations of micro (versus neclassic economics). The collective roots of the person (Simone Weil).

more in a forthcoming window on Southern and Sub Saharian Africa

see also page: ZAPIRO, ZA.


Mc Cain alias GWB


On Palms’ Sunday 2008, the Fed said: back to the 1930s. In Autumn, they converted to Goldman Sachs socialism.

A presentation of the now 30 pp. long deeprecession SPECIAL: /2008/06/subcrimebiosocialscience1.pdf 

A set of analytical tools focussing upon the current world recession. Namely:

1) why policies are just buying time, not recovering systems from their crises;

2) a deflationary long wave: short bubbles and deep-long recessions, from now on;

3) chronicle of the end of Chicago’s ultraliberalism (March 2008: see on these crucial days also our blogposts);

4) a 10 pages annotated bibliography.


– support campaigns, fight for ROUBINI or Robin Hood policies against rotten capitalists bail out;

– organize, promote, coordinate and link a new international wave of class struggle.

WHO WILL INHERIT THE WORKERS’ MOVEMENT TRADITION NOW? We propose at deeprecession (although not in this page) a class- gender- oppression- slavery- technology  based localglobal organisation, fully exploiting both real life social links, and web2 ones.

The paradigm is MoveOn.org: it’s fantastic!

Although socialism, the labour movement cannot live ONLY on campaigns. Join the pidgeon. He says “We are on strike for pidgeon socialism, since we read deeprecession”


In the picture: DEEPRECESSION SCOOP. Unemployed pidgeons on strike the 1st of May in Piazza San Marco, Venezia. Animal rights against our friend Massimo Cacciari, the Mayor.

ABSTRACT of our basic document on the subcrime lead de(e)pre(ce)ssion:


Socialisme, ou barbarie = a sublife vampirised by subcrime. 

1. We are in a global recession 2008-10, moving from the US worldwide and hitting Germany in 08Q2. Adam Smith would recognize as an old acquaintance, the bank and shadow global finance and the RENTIERS REGIME: privately & pirately taxing the world economy; using 1.5 billion Chindian farmers to squeeze the working class; even sucking their dreams of a decent life – with SUBCRIME mortgages and foreclosures (Glenda’s picture)

2. Are States striking back? Do markets submit to the Leviathan? Not sure. A WSJ leader (“Reform a la Glasgow”) fights back Paulson-Bernanke-Frank regulation, with a self-regulation narrative: after last mania, markets will de-securitize, trade off easy profits for risk management and be ready for the next mania.  Such a narrative is at odds with one of the deepest Capitalist crisis ever, as facts showed. So the issue moves to: which blend of Socialism? Bio one or Goldman Sachs?

3. In the Autumn 2008 financial meltdown,  the recession might degenerate into a 2010s depression, in absence of political chocs leading out of the deflationary regime. and unequal distribution. In a democracy, Greenspan, the rating agency and finance CEOs would be in jail for their subcrimes. Do we live in democracies or a liberal-to-tyrannic gamma of bioregimes? A paradigmatic conflict: “Robin Hood” Bio- versus “Hood Robin” Thanato-politics. The latter lead by the Bush adm. – without opposition – with a Socialisation of subcriminal losses: Bear Stearns, Fannie and Freddie, not Lehman Brothers but then all Wall St.



AAA updates on the subcrime crisis

In between different  versions of our RESEARCH REPORT, we post here updates – carefully selected contributions from economic blogs, newspapers and sources. 


A short CV of the blog coordinator. A longer one (in Italian) is enclosed..


MEGATRENDS. ARMAGEDDON: a Late Victorian paradigm on the international economy and the military.

A “Communism”- Finance- Mafia connection will implement the neoclassical ideal of a fully securitised economy endowed with a complete set of futures markets? The definitive Las Vegas-Frank Sinatra Globeconomy. Keynes: “when the capital development of a country becomes a byproduct of the activities of a casino, the job is likely to be ill done” (in Italian: “scoppia un casino”).

Don’t mind current desecuritisation: look beyond it, The Economist keeps suggesting. We did it, and saw a HEART OF DARKNESS (Conrad) nightmare:

Loretta Napoleoni’s Rogue Economy:

1 sorting out of the shadows,

2 linking with, and mixing up with melted-down (Roubini) shadow finance,

becoming the core financial section of most capitalisms.

4 Maybe it already happened, but the media did not tell us  – see Freedom next time page.

A global Russian future: Berlusconi was just the appetizer of a finance- mafias -governments collapse into a unique Global Rentiers Class, slowly moving its axis from NY-London to Shangai-Tokyo. Its internal conflicts and divisions will increase and explode in local total wars, in an epoch of:

(a) KEYNESIAN LOCK-IN (Aglietta and Berrebi). After a sudden doubling of the world labour force from 1.5 to 3 billions in the 1990s, the early part of the 21st century will see an intrinsic global hysteresis. A lock-in into:

– a  longrun, basic deflation: not corrected and moderated, but fed by bubbles, AGFLATION and ENERGY STAGFLATION in the Humboldt peak era;

– a depression in fundamentals, by repressed over-accumulation: excess capacity, savings largely channelled into financial casinos (Aglietta-Berrebi);

– a world development model and path, marked by under-consumption, low wages, low cost and no less than 1 bn surplus labour, for decades to come;

– a Kenesian, Kaleckian and Marxian lock-in dominated by WAGES DEFLATION:  regulated in the last instance by a 1bn GIRA (Global Industrial Reserve Army).

The lock in follows from the Reaganite unequal income distribution: a plot by a few hundred Rentiers violating the  free markets (cheap Reaganite ideology sold to people to exploit them); ensuring extra-profit streams from: wages depression, monopolistic stabilisation of Schumpeterian “temporary” extra-profits, financial rents, and expropriation of creative classes via IPRs.

(b) Empire Transition, from the US to Chindia and the BRICS-5: circa 2030 they will overcome the G7 GNP. A reversal of the military balance will follow soon, according to technical change patterns and the evolution of Military Industrial Complexes’ demand-supply interactive learning (von Hippel, Lundvall). Forget Tony Negri’s Disneyland of a spaceless Empire: in a Geopolitcal Age of Turmoil? Tony never got an analysis, forecast and Zeitgeist right in 40 years.


i. Alessandro Arcangeli (2007), Che cos’è la storia culturale. Roma: Carocci, 96 pp.

ii. Giulietto Chiesa (2000), Russia addio [in Chinese]. Beijing: New China editions. For my Chinese friends and readers.

iii. Mike Davis (2001), Late Victorian Holocausts, El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World. London: Verso. (French ed. 2003. Paris: La Découverte)

iv. Marcello De Cecco (1984), The International Gold Standard: Money and Empire. New York.

v. Felipe Fernàndez Armesto (2007). The World. A Brief History. Prentice Hall.

vi. R. Findlay and K. O’ Rourke (2007), Power and Plenty. Trade, war, and the world economy in the second millennium. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. From the Cliometrics (quantitative history) pioneers.

vii. Mark Helprin: The challenge from China – a WSJ op-ed, 13 may 2008. Americans would be foolish to take military superiority for granted – in the long term. Oba-bipartisans: we quote the right right (square right) writers.

viii. Loretta Napoleoni (2008), Rogue Economics. Seven Stories Press (ed. it. 2008, L’economia canaglia. Milano il Saggiatore). The Tanatho-economics of post-communism and globalisation. A friendly philosphical critique (on essence and phenomena): in our page “B or T, like Bio- or Thanato- Politics”.

ix. John Needham – A. and ed. of various volumes on Chinese S&T history.

x. Kenneth Pomeranz (2000), The Great Divergence. China, Europe and the making of the modern world economy. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. (tr. it. 2004. Bologna: il Mulino)

xi. C. O’Grada (2007), Making famine history. Journal of Economic Literature, 45: 5-38. A valuable survey, and criticism of famine studies.

xii. Roberto Saviano (2006), Gomorra. Mondadori. Roberto is the first, and timely Thanato-sociologist, in a long forthcoming series. The Thanato-sociology of camorra and the hidden but Thanato-powerful Casalesi clan,  that wasn’t happy to see their businesses unveiled, and emitted a Fatwa: Roberto must be dead; they kill people every week at Casale. In early June they killed a camorra entrepreneur that was talking to judges (and about to name some politicians) by day in the public square: of course, no one saw anything. The 2008 film from Cannes – on Italian cinemas from Friday May 16th – a cult, like the boow translated worldwide.

ATTENTION InTrade prediction market

InTrade delivers a daily update of US  Presidential predictions. This experimental economics technique is the best predictor: no comparison with polls.

At deeprecession we are in daily contact with both MoveOn.org and Obama’s HQs. We support a peculiar social, gobal and financial policies set, stemming from our analysis resumed in Armageddon (war and peace) and subcrimesocialscience080503.


A special section of the Telonio (below), created on Bear Stearns bailout days, mid-March 2008. We follow here the evolution of the big 5 US financial banks, from the speculative bubble to the current crisis, and study whether Lehman Brothers will be the next run target.





Current Free Software Foundation, and MoveOn.org campaigns. Last updated 080601.


A work-in-progress set (selected tables in the page, more in enclosed .pdf and .excel files) of world and macro-regional data: subcrime crisis, global economy, industries and finance (the latter with rich details by region, bank and business division – updated to 081Q). You’ll find much more on the FT, WSJ and other sources: but you have a synthesis here.

Melencolia by Albrecht Durer


Occasional letters to blog readers on relevant topics and ongoing discussions.

Copy of our friendly  interventions  in other blogs, and  letters sent to the media.

Freedom next time (John Pilger at Socialism 2007, Chicago)

Western media in an age of Total War – by the Australian journalist and film maker



JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Uncle Sam wants you …

3 great actresses,  singers and women


LA DIVINA. La pupilla di Meneghini, l’amica di Onassis, PierPaolo e Pippo


Where have all the flowers gone? ANOTHER KANTIAN HYMN TO PEACE, together with Lennon’s Imagine – the latter linked up in the Teacher’s Page


A  uTube selection of the greatest pop singer, a voice stratching to extremes: THE VOICE. Frank Sinatra once wanted her in America: too lazy, she rejected the offer


This veteran is Republican. He votes fot Obama. A new Political Species


S & T Newsletters

A monthly on S&T policy. Last issue: Google won again

3 pages for Verona and Vicenza Economics Faculty students:




WEEKLY breakingviews.com

Links to the no.1 source for real time economic briefings: their 8′ synthesis of the week. A legend

W  –  Y  –  Z

Weil – You – Zap


Cahiers Simone Weil


Not only Callas


Jonathan Zapiro, the greatest cadtoonist


Z. or not Zetgeist? A Karl Mannheim dilemma.

A-Z: after a long run across a straight corridor (not Borges’ labyrinth, infinite library), an end.

On top of Babel’s tower u find: a small library in a tiny studio,

like SAN JERONIMO ‘s icon (by Antonello da Messina: see below).



Then it becomes hottest. At the moment, we are discussing here a film (winner at 2007 Hollywood’s Activist Festival); a top view oL in 2007/08. See Zeitgeist, the Movie, then join our discussion whether it reflects the actual Zeitgeist in the air, or not. We hardly agree on 1% of its contents. We detest  every much milder, timid version of Conspirationism, Paranoja as Philosophy of Life, degenerate Plottism. So, what sall we do with this (UNFALSIFIABLE: IT IS AN) axiom:

Conspiration Theory was already ruling Earth when it was a Planet of the Apes. And it rules still.

We have a dialectical view of the origins of the Sapiens (from Cannibalism, of course), Christianity, and Capitalisms. Reality is already, by itself, pretty Darwin-like hard, although not Malthus-like. Even more injust, unberable and unequal than straight “plots by élite”, usually fake with some REAL PLOT exception, that disappears in an Ocean of metropolitan legends (in Italy we have been living a plot political life as normality, a bit less after 1989).

YOU SEE: THE SMALL ST. JERONIMO’S STUDIO GETS EASILY HOT HOT HOT! In case of fire, we learned from a real event, it’s a hard way down Babel’s Tower … As for 911, mistery still reigns on the Pentagon event (the impact being that of a ground-to-ground missile: stroke from where? and the missing plane?). This is really disturbing, and enough! Too much is too much (Aristotle). Il troppo stroppia.

We fully disagree with this film; the only complotard  we like is Gore Vidal, who has a sense of thevery  few REAL PLOTS: e.g. the 1933-34 fascist Golpe in the US, that would have changed History for the worst, and  Pearl Harbour 10 years later, that did change it. Gore (as he said presenting “For Congress” in a Radiotremondo,  Radio Rai 3 interview, at the end of the broadcast on Simone Weil on May 21 – IN ITALIANO) spent a life writing historical novels in order to communicate something  to his audience on the US history no one teaches at school: oases in a desert. Most Gore Vidal is a Pandora of art, culture, history and no plot. The good historical novels, also by other good Authors (not the seductive, popular but vicious Marguerite Duras) are priceless. The last we read reconstructs Celsius, Galileo and Li Madou (alias Matteo Ricci) in Ming’s Beijing: a real trip in space and time, centered upon a free spirit before the times, the math . As enjoyable as Vidal’s craftly carved masterpieces.


umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu

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